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With all of the details surrounding your upcoming wedding, it’s too easy to make a mistake or overlook something. That’s especially true when it comes to wedding invitations. Below are 5 common invitation mistakes and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Insufficient Postage
There can often be a lot that goes into a wedding invitation. There’s the invite itself, maybe directions, and certainly a reply of some type with a return envelope. All of that may be in an over-sized envelope that requires more than a single first-class stamp. Our advice: take one of your complete invites to the post office to learn how much postage is required. The last thing you want is returns marked “insufficient postage”. And, while we’re talking postage, don’t overlook the need to affix a stamp to the reply envelope.

Mistake #2: Samples Matter
Before ordering or printing all your invitations, it is always smart to get a sample. There is simply no better way than handling and inspecting the real deal.

Mistake #3: Proofreading Matters, Too
Once the essential content of the invitation have been drafted, read it over several times and have friends or family do the same. Be sure to carefully check for accuracy in names, dates, and locations. Another trick is to read the invitation aloud. Your ear may catch an error that your other faculties miss.

Mistake #4: Not Ordering Enough
You probably already have a list of people to invite and how many that is. When it’s time, order 10-15% more. Having a reasonable overage is much better than having to re-order, and cheaper, too.

Mistake #5: Stick-on Labels are Tacky
Stick-on labels are cold, impersonal and machine generated. Avoid using them on your invitation and reply envelopes. Our advice: hand address them yourself or hire a calligrapher.

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