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As your wedding gets closer, you’ve completed a lot of detailed planning. The big-event and big-ticket items have all been arranged. Wedding party, attire, photography, DJ or live band, site for the ceremony and reception, decorations and theme among others. However, there are small details that should be considered so your day runs smoothly. Here are the top five:

  • Name someone “wedding general”. 
    Throughout your wedding day you’ll be pulled in many directions, and nearly everyone will want a piece of your time or have a question. You do not want to be buried with questions and decision-making as you’re getting dressed for the walk down the aisle. Instead, name someone — bridesmaid, mother, friend, sister, or wedding planner — as the general in charge. This will be someone who knows you well and can handle questions and make decisions on your behalf.
  • Prepare tip envelopes in advance
    Your wedding and reception vendors work hard and it’s accepted practice to provide them with a generous tip. Prepare thank-you notes and envelopes for them in advance and ask your wedding general to distribute these at the end of the evening. This is a small detail that you’ll be glad you arranged in advance.
  • Write a special note to your future husband or wife
    The wedding itself is an exciting and an emotional day. Given these strong sentiments, you may not have the time to privately express your deep feelings to your spouse-to-be. Instead, spend a few moments a day or two before the ceremony to write a special note. Put your thoughts under a headline such as “Reasons why I want to marry you”, or “Here are 3 reasons you’re the most important person in my life.”
  • Consider the comfort of your guests
    Regardless the season you get married, or the venue, consider some little extras to make sure every guest is comfortable. We know one recent bride, for example, who was married outdoors this past summer on a hot humid day. She did three things to help her guests stay cool: 1) she planned in advance to have barrels of iced water bottles available; 2) she affixed a wooden handle to the wedding program so it could be used as a fan; and 3) she arranged to have an ice cream truck appear on site as people left the receiving line.
  • Prepare a wedding emergency kit
    Accidents can happen at even the most well organized event. Perhaps you rip your gown while dancing, or maybe a guest spills wine on your husband’s white shirt. In any case, an emergency kit can come to the rescue. Items to include in such a kit could include sewing needles and thread, spot remover, breath mints, Band-Aids, ibuprofen, tweezers, safety pins, and bug spray and hair spray.

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