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What is BPB Studio?

BPB Studio is a design studio with tools created by Bliss Paper Boutique to make your shopping, editing and finalization process a better experience. The BPB Studio provides the tools to make creating your personal stationary easy and flexible.

Why was BPB Studio Created?

We heard your requests and we created the solution. Many customers expressed their want to print their invites on pre-cut card stock – as a way to avoid the “hassle” of cutting cardstock to their final size. Typical BPB templates are not set up to fit pre-cut cardstock, they are set up with two or more items per 8.5”x11” sheet.

However, many customers do not want to handle the printing or cutting themselves, so they use websites such as Vistaprint or Shutterfly. Those websites require you to upload a design at the finished size. What does that mean? If you are trying to produce a final invitation (menu card, save the date, etc.) that is sized at 5”x7”, the file you need to upload is 5”x7”. Therefore, uploading the standard 8.5”x11” BPB product size will not work.

How does the PDF Crop Tool Work?

How do you get your template the size of your desired pre-cut cardstock? The BPB Studio tool works for you. The steps are seamless and easy. To crop your template, simply follow the instructions below:

STEP 1: Upload your PDF file(s)

  • Click “Upload PDF file(s)”
  • Navigate to the file you’d like to crop (You can also drag and drop your file in the dotted box to upload).







STEP 2: Select the Page Area to Crop

Upon upload, you’ll see a preview of your file:

  • To select the crop area, click and drag on the dotted line. (Fig. A)
  • OR, to set exact dimensions for your crop, fill in the desired width & height. (Fig. B)
  • To edit the placement of the croppable area, click and drag. Use the crop marks as a guide. (Fig. C)
BPB_Step2_FigA_PDFCropTool Fig. A
BPB_Step2_FigB_PDFCropTool Fig. B
BPB_Step2_FigC_PDFCropTool Fig. C

STEP 3 : Crop PDF

Once done adjusting the crop area:

  • Confirm you are a Bliss Paper Boutique Customer
    • Click “Crop PDF File”







STEP 4 : Download or Email File(s) instantly 







Still have questions? Want to see how it works?

Click here to head over to YouTube to watch how the cropping tool works.

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