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What is a deckled edge? Something fancy, right? A deckled edge is a piece of paper with a rough or irregular edge. Sometimes this style is thought of as old-fashioned.

Here’s the back-story on the deckled edge. According to Wikipedia, the history of the deckled edge is as follows. Before the 19th century, the deckle edge was unavoidable, a natural artifact of the papermaking process in which sheets of paper were made individually on a deckle. The deckle could not make a perfect seal against the screen at the edges and the paper slurry would seep under, creating a rough edge to the paper. The deckle edge could be trimmed off, but this extra step would add to the cost of the book. With the appearance of smooth edges in the 19th century, the deckle edge slowly emerged as a status symbol.

Now, in today’s day, if you want a deckled edge you have two options: pay a lot (deckled edged paper can be costly), or fake it with a ruler and a little patience. We’re here to help you with the ladder of those two options We love simple DIY projects that our customers can easily do, and this project will leave your final product with a classic, yet rustic feel.

Bliss Paper Boutique’s guide to the DIY deckled edge:

Supplies Needed:

  • PDF printable template printed on card stock paper
    (We do recommend using 100lb cover or 120lb cover card stock – the larger the number, the heavier the paper is)
  • Steel ruler – this is a must once you start tearing
  • Flat surface or cutting mat
  • Sharp pencil

Step 1: Print your PDF printable and gather the supplies needed: a steel ruler, sharp pencil and flat surface or cutting mat.

Deckled Edges blog Bliss Paper Boutique

Step 2: Using a ruler, line up the crop marks and with a pencil, lightly connect the lines. Do this in each corner of your printable. Your lines should look like the image shown below once connected. (Connecting the lines will ensure that you always have a guide, even if you rip off your crop marks)

Deckled Edges blog Bliss Paper Boutique

Step 3: Line up the ruler with the crop marks/pencil line. Hold the ruler down firmly with one hand. Pull up the corner of the paper with your other hand and begin tearing the sheet of card stock along the edge of the ruler.

Deckled Edges blog Bliss Paper Boutique

Step 4: Repeat the above steps on all sides.

Deckled Edges blog Bliss Paper Boutique

With a little patience, your finished product will be both beautiful, and affordable!

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