Posted on by Danielle Sopko

Gold is becoming a popular wedding trend, and we love it! As Bliss Paper Boutique continues to add more and more faux gold items to the shop, the questions we receive about these templates increases as well. Below we’ve covered all the basics you need to know about faux gold.

What is faux gold?

All Bliss Paper Boutique’s faux gold and glitter styled printable designs use a faux gold effect — they do not print “real gold.” (In fact, no downloadable printable from any Etsy shop will). Our faux gold is comprised of a gradient and texture to give it the effect shown in the gallery images. These faux gold printables will print just like a photo of glitter or foil would, using standard inks.

Why don’t we use real gold?

At home printers will not print “real gold”. In fact, many local print shops won’t print “real gold” either — and, it is usually very costly.

What should I print my faux gold printable on?

We recommend printing our faux gold printables on a white or ivory card stock. For a pearlized look, consider printing on a metallic white or pearlized white card stock! We do NOT suggest trying to print our faux gold designs on a dark colored stock. Unfortunately, color printing inks (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black) are transparent. If you try and print these on a dark card stock, the ink won’t show through. This is true for any light colored ink on a dark colored stock —not just our designs.

How do I know the faux gold will print out like I want?

The quality of your final print will depend on your printer, cleanliness of the printer, card stock choice, etc… I would highly recommend printing them at a shop or photo lab. The quality is usually better than printing at home 🙂

Can I change the editable text on my printable to the same faux gold-look?

You can certainly adjust the color of the text using the dropdown menu and color panel. Although, you will not have much luck trying to edit the text to the faux gold seen on many of my designs or to a real metallic gold. However, you could easily set it to a “champagne” or beige color which has looked very nice.

The faux gold style you see on many of our templates is actually an image we’ve created – not a color you can select.

Can I print “real” gold?

If you want to print “real gold” or with a metallic sheen to it, you would need to be in contact with a professional print shop as they would need to set a special value on the color for printing. Also, as a tip, printing real gold is usually pretty costly.

If you’d like to run a test print of the faux gold, you can do so by clicking here.