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You’re engaged! Congratulations! Now, let the constant stream of unsolicited advice begin. From your grandma or future sister-in-law to your Maid of Honor or co-worker, everyone around you will know exactly how to plan the perfect wedding. But, what their vision of “perfect” is might not be yours; so, try to keep the following in mind when navigating through all the excess noise you’re guaranteed to hear along the pathway to planning your big day.

Only let people know what they need to know

Try to be as vague as you can with details when people ask you questions. For example, if you’re asked “What are your colors and the theme of your wedding?” A good response to this question would be, “We’re not sure yet. I have a vision in my mind, but we’re still discussing options.” Or, you can take a humorous approach. If you’re asked “What are you serving for dinner?” A simple answer would be, “Food!” followed with a laugh. Another good answer to almost any question you might get is, “It’s going to be a surprise.” While that might drive some people nuts, it does answer their question

It is YOUR wedding, and no one else’s 

If by chance, someone gets to you, and you’re starting to doubt one of your decisions (for instance, having an outdoor wedding during rain season), just remember it is your special day. Think back to why you decided to have an outdoor wedding – you love the photo opportunities, you’re going for a rustic-themed wedding, and you fell in love with your venue; then, think how happy you’ll be on your wedding day at your outdoor event, because after-all, that is what YOU want.

Let it go

This is easier said than done, but let opinions go in one ear, and out the other. While you might become so annoyed, and just want to scream and morph into a bridezilla, stay strong to your visions and dreams for your big day. Listen to the person’s opinion, smile, nod and agree, but ultimately know you already have you mind set. Remember the end goal, the only thing that matters: you and your fiancé have the best day of your life and go on happily married.

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