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When it comes to wedding planning, the details, options and decisions can be endless  – and unfortunately that doesn’t stop at ceremony programs. But, keep in mind, the ceremony is arguably one of the most important parts of the whole entire wedding, so you’ll want a special program. Your perfect program will set the tone on your big day, inform your guests on what to expect during your ceremony, and (if you shop at Bliss Paper Boutique) be trendy and beautiful all at once.

Fan Programs

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Wedding fan programs can help keep your guests cool throughout both the ceremony and reception, and they’re a cute keepsake to bring home. Place the fans in a chic basket at the entrance to your ceremony, or place them individually on your guests’ seats – either option adds a decorative touch to the ceremony.

Depending on the length of your ceremony, you can print on either one side or both sides of the fan program. Insert your own style when it comes to assembling your fan programs. You can cut and trim your fan program into a shape of your choice – circle, oval, square or rounded, you have several options (more decisions!). What should you attach your fan programs to? We recommend wavy fan handles.


Program Signs

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A wedding program sign is a great way to save money on printing, while adding a beautiful design feature to your ceremony. Typically printed on larger cardstock and placed in an ornate frame, a wedding program sign is one of the first things that will catch your guests’ eyes when they arrive at your ceremony.

Keep in mind, when you use a program sign, your guests won’t have individual programs to look at during your ceremony – which can be a nice thing, all eyes will remain on the couple of the day.


Pennant Programs

Wedding program bpb310_3_1Looking to add a little fun to your ceremony? Pennant programs are a great way to get your guests involved in celebrating with you. You’ll be saying “I do” and your guests will be waving the pennants for joy.

Pennant programs are for the more unique bride. These programs don’t offer excessive room for text, so if you’re having a longer wedding ceremony, this might not be the best choice for your wedding. But, if you you’re going for a trendy, whimsical and joyous vibe, pennant programs can help bring all those elements to your ceremony. Use these wood dowels to ensure your pennants look perfect on your big day.


Traditional Programs

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There is nothing wrong with traditional. Traditional can still be stylish, elegant, or trendy; traditional can still be unique and personal. If you’re a bride that wants to include everything from the officiant’s greeting, special readings, prayers, exchanging of vows and more, a traditional program is a great choice for you.

Traditional wedding programs are typically printed on both the front and back sides, and enough are printed out for each guest to receive one program. Whether you have a greeter handing the programs out at the beginning of your ceremony, or you place them in a decorative bin, guests will enjoy having their own individual program to follow along during your big day.

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