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There a thousands of gorgeous ornate frames and display signs to place your wedding signage in these days. But, what if a Bliss Paper Boutique print is not the exact size of a frame you’ve fallen in love with? No problem. Read below and learn how to scale your print to a different size.

Please follow these steps:

• Go to File > Print
• A pop up window will appear
• Under “Page Sizing & Handling” you will see a box for “Custom Scale”
• Check the “Custom Scale” box and type in a percentage to get your print close to the size you want.

You will have to use a little math to scale your print (it’s always fun dust off that part of your brain). For example, if you want your print half the size it comes, you will scale it to 50%. In the image below, you’ll see some of the most common print sizes and how to scale them.


* Please note that the file will stay proportionate to the original size. You may have to trim the documents slightly to fit your frame if the size needs to be exact. *