Posted on by Danielle Sopko

When it comes to planning a wedding, it truly takes a village. Whether it’s your best friend, mom, brother, co-worker, wedding planner or Aunt Sally, the people who help you pull off your big day deserve a pat on the back.

Luckily, Bliss Paper Boutique has downloadable templates that are quick and easy, but still deliver a truly heartfelt and personal thank you gift for those deserving recognition.

Thank You Tags

What’s the easiest way to show gratitude? Buy something you know the person you plan to give a gift to likes, and attach a custom thank you tag. This elevates a simple bottle of hand lotion from boring to thoughtful. Or a case of beer from easy to creative. With our editable thank you tags, you can change the text to say exactly what you need to say to express your thanks. Thank you tags can literary be tied on to anything!

Click here and here to view some of our available thank you tags.

Wine Label

Know someone who enjoys a nice glass of red wine? (White wine will work too!) What better way to say thanks than with a custom wine label with their initial and “cheers!” on it. Make it extra special by editing the text to say “thank you!” Simple gestures like this, that only take a few minutes of your time, really go a long way in terms of making someone feel special and appreciated.

Click here to view a customizable wine label.

Thank You Cards

Keep it simple. A handwritten thank you note is always a crowd pleaser. Don’t send an email, don’t type a quick text, take the time to sit down with a pen and one of our thank you cards. Tell your dad how grateful you are that he hollowed out 40 styrofoam pumpkins to serve as candle holders at your fall wedding (I might have had my dad actually do that), or let your best friend know that you couldn’t have stamped all your invites without her help. Words can be powerful, so use those words to show your thanks with a Bliss Paper Boutique thank you card!

Click here to view a thank you card template.