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Do’s and Don’ts

This list of wedding invitation etiquette do’s and don’ts will help you avoid etiquette blunders and get it right.

The Do’s 

  • Do use the names of all guests. It is more welcoming to use the names of those who will accompany your guests on invitations instead of “and guest.”
  • Do use correct titles. It’s flattering when invitations are addressed correctly. This means using appropriate titles and spelling names correctly. When in doubt, ask before addressing.
  • Do send wedding invitations at least six weeks before the day of the event.
  • Do spell out all dates, days, times, and states.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t use punctuation except after courtesy titles such as Mr./Mrs. Be sure to spell out Doctor, Clergy, Judge, Military Officials and any other professional titles.
  • Don’t use abbreviations.Always spell out commonly abbreviated words such as street, months, etc.
  • Don’t use punctuation on invitations, except after abbreviations and between the city and state. Line breaks on an invitation act as punctuation.
  • Don’t include gift registry information with your invitation. It’s considered tacky and rude.

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