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Kids are much more than just little adults. They have different needs and wants than grownups. Special consideration should be given to ensure that they, and everyone, have an enjoyable experience at your wedding.

At the reception, for example, many things will occur — speeches, bouquet tossing, garter and cake cutting, eating, drinking and dancing. To some children, these actions are boring and they’d rather do something other than sit and watch. If you’re inviting children to your wedding, here are a few tips to help avoid any disruptive behavior.

  • Children come in all ages and sizes. You could decide that only children of a certain age are invited. Other options could be a childfree wedding, or inviting just children of those in your wedding party. In any case, whatever decision you make, make sure it applies to all children; make no exceptions.
  • If the number of children invited is small, give them some things to do. Examples include handing out wedding programs, helping guests find their seats at the reception, or holding your bouquet while you are cutting the cake. Even tiny tasks will fill them with pride at being part of your special day.
  • Assemble an activity lunch pail for younger kids. Contents could include crayons, stickers, coloring or activity books, assorted snacks, and glow-sticks for kids to use on the dance floor.
  • Create a special kid’s activity book for the wedding. Such a book could include dot-to-dots, wedding word searches, and bingo formatted cards with phrases that the kids have to find in the wedding speeches.
  • Provide children with disposable cameras and challenge them to a scavenger hunt. For example, they need to take a picture of the new married couple kissing, of a lady in a red dress, or someone dancing with one shoe.
  • Bring in hired entertainment just for the little ones. These could include balloon artists, jugglers, magicians, storytellers, and musicians. Perhaps they could perform in a special VIP Lounge for Kids.
  • Consider designating one or two trusted family members or friends to monitor children at the reception. If you’d rather not ask a guest to help with this, hire a childcare expert.

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