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Don't have Acrobat Reader? Want to skip the hassle of typing in your information? In a crunch for time? Bliss is now offering a new service: Personalize my Printable. 

This means that Bliss will now enter your specific information into the editable areas of a Bliss Paper Boutique template for you - for a small fee. It’s that simple! 

How does this work?

  • Add your printable(s) to your cart
  • Add this listing (hyperlink) with the correct level to your cart (see levels below)
  • Include the wording you’d like typed into your template EXACTLY as you'd like it in the “notes to seller” section at checkout

Things to note:

  • Bliss will maintain the same fonts/styling as shown in the gallery images
  • Please view the gallery images before purchase, as only indicated text is editable on each printable
  • You will receive your PDFs ready-to-print within 48-72 hours (M-F)
  • The file will be ready to print on your home printer or at a local copy shop


Each page counts as an item. For example: A double-sided program would be considered two items. A four-piece invitation would be four items.

  • 1 Items: $10
  • 2 Items: $15
  • 3 Items: $20
  • 4 Items: $25
  • 5 Items: $30
  • 6 Items: $35
  • 7 Items: $40
  • 8 Items: $45
  • 9 Items: $50
  • 10 Items: $55

** At this time, we DO NOT personalize seating chart templates, place cards or envelopes.

Lastly, please note, this service is not a customization service :) A customization is: 

  • Requesting a non-editable component of a Bliss design be moved or changed
  • Asking for an item that isn’t available in the Bliss shop
  • Inquiring about changing the colors on a specific Bliss design element (i.e. a yellow star) to be completely changed to a different color (i.e. a purple star)