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Barns used to be for such tasks as storing hay, stabling horses, and parking tractors and combines. Today, however, barns have taken on new purpose as charming country sites for weddings and receptions.

There are many reasons for the boom in rustic and barn weddings. A barn provides a large open space with high, expansive ceilings, some with interesting or rustic chandeliers. They offer a vintage and comfortable setting for a wedding. Some couples like the informal ambiance of a barn while others have an enduring connection to the land. Furthermore, barns can often accommodate several hundred guests inside and out.

Farmers like these weddings too, because such events offer them an extra way to make money. Now, most barns that host weddings have undergone extensive refurbishing. It’s not like the farmers/owners move out the cows and move in the wedding party. Many wedding barns feature rustic yet elegant furnishings such as hardwood floors, chandeliers and quality table settings. Finally, barns and the accompanying countryside provide a rich backdrop for photography.

Think you might be interested in a barn wedding? Here are a few tips.

  • Conduct a google internet search for barn weddings in your area.
  • Make a list and visit those that appear promising. If possible, visit their web sites to narrow your list of personal visits.
  • There are many questions to ask, including:
    • Ask for references and how long they’ve been hosting weddings.
    • Do they have liability insurance?
    • Ask if the venue is registered as a business.
    • Are there animals on the premises? (Something to consider… There may be smelly cows!)
    • Are there choices for caterers?
    • Are you licensed to sell alcohol?
    • Ask about guest capacity and parking.
    • What is the cost? And what packages or options area available?
    • Where are the ceremony and reception held?
    • Are ample hotels and motels within easy driving distance for guests?
    • When can we get in to decorate and when must we be out?
    • Can we decorate the way we wish? What are the limits?
    • Does the barn have heat and air conditioning? If not, can we open doors for fresh air? Are there fans to move air about?

People like barns because of their country charm, tradition and history that they convey. And, the open countryside often makes it easy to park many vehicles while the barn and grounds can handle large weddings. For these reasons, and those mentioned above, brides n’ barns are a natural combination.


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