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Renewing your wedding vows is a wonderful thing to do, whether you’ve been married for 5 years or 40. It’s an opportunity to reaffirm your commitment to one another and to celebrate. What’s even better, it makes for a great occasion to gather friends and family for a party. Here are five tips to help you plan:

  • Location Matters: choose a location that matters to you. Perhaps where you first got married. Other options are limited only by your imagination and could include your home, backyard, community center, your cabin in the woods, or a local park.
  • Guest list: Deciding whom to invite is just as important today as it was the first time. Make your vow renewal a huge event with invites to everyone you can think of, or small and personal with just a few family and friends.
  • Etiquette of invites: You’re hosting a celebration so plan on sending invites that specify three points: time, date, and that gifts are not expected. This is a celebration of you as a couple and of your marriage and guests should be advised that they don’t have to provide a gift.
  • Planning the procession: In a typical wedding, a father walks the bride down the aisle to her new husband. That seems out of place for a vow renewal. In this case, the husband and wife could walk together, they could come together from left and right sides, or their children or grandchildren could accompany them. Plan the procession for what seems natural and right for you.
  • A vow renewal is not a wedding — it’s not a legal ceremony with an officiant. It is more like a party with a theme — and the couple as the centerpiece. To make your theme complete, write your vows from the heart and practice by reading them aloud before the ceremony.

Here’s the bottom line about vow renewals: it is a nostalgic event to restate your love for and commitment to one another. A vow renewal should be tailored to your personality and style as a couple.

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