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It’s hard to plan a wedding. Especially with all the “perfect” photos and inspiration pins all over Pinterest. Sometimes you have to wonder, “How did they create such a beautiful wedding? That had to cost so much money.” Honestly, sometimes it does. But, with the help of our affordable printable templates, and some good bargain shopping and coupon-ing, you can have that perfect day too!

Below is a round up of our favorite places to shop for wedding accessories for your printable templates – from photo frames, to place card holders and more!

Photo frames:
These can get quite pricey. The larger the print you’re trying to frame, the more dollar signs you’ll see. Many brides have success finding vintage and ornate frames digging through Goodwill or garage sales – you can update dated frames easily with a can of spray paint too! (Time consuming? yes. Budget friendly? yes.) If you’d like to just purchase a frame, we recommend the below.

This option is expensive, we know. But, it’s the closest match to a frame we’re asked about all the time. Click here to view an Esty shop’s white, ornate frame.

For a rustic frame, try Amazon. Click here to find a frame that comes in many different colors and sizes.

Place card holders:
If you have the time, you can collect your own place card holders. In nature, you can pick pinecones, or, if your friends and family enjoy wine, have everyone save and store their wine corks. Otherwise, the following two options are some of our favorites.

Yet again, we love what Amazon has to offer. Click here to see a simple, classic, and affordable option.

Click here to see a set of adorable nature-inspired place card holders from an Etsy shop.

Cupcake holders:
Luckily, cupcake holders are affordable. They start to get pricey if you need multiple holders. Depending on how many treats or cupcakes you’re planning to showcase, you could potentially have to purchase up to 5 stands.

World Market has a timeless cupcake stand that can be used for many different styles of weddings. Click here to view the holder.

When it comes to a rustic wedding, Esty always has many options. We love this cupcake stand – especially its tall tiers! Click here to view it.

Easels are an affordable way to showcase large prints without purchasing expensive photo frames.

Hobby Lobby has an extremely affordable option to display prints up to 36 inches in size. Click here to view the simple, but effective easel.

If you want a chalkboard easel that you can write on, World Market has the perfect rustic one for you! Click here to view it.

For all the above options, remember to look for sales and to clip coupons. When sticking to a budget, you need to remain creative and have patience. If you’ve found better deals on any of the items we’ve mentioned, please send them our way! Follow Bliss Paper Boutique on Facebook or Instagram to message us your finds, or share your beautiful wedding creations.

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