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What is it about flowers that make them so right for weddings? Freshness, beauty, and fragrance are just a few reasons that come to mind. However, as beautiful and elegant as flowers may be, they must be balanced with dollars and common sense.

Some studies indicate that, on average, flowers could account for up to 10% of a wedding budget. With the average cost of a U.S. wedding just under $30,000, that means flowers could total nearly $3,000. That’s because they are used in many locations and for many occasions during the event. For your wedding, think how important flowers are to you and accordingly, how much of the budget they should command.

Where and how are flowers used? Here is a partial list:

  • bride and bridesmaid bouquets
  • corsages and boutonnieres for groomsmen, mothers, fathers and grandparents
  • ceremony and altar arrangements
  • reception table settings
  • head table centerpieces
  • flower arrangements adorning bars and buffet tables
  • flowers for wedding pie or cake presentations, and,
  • if you’re getting married in a church, flowers may decorate the end of pews and other choice locations.

When it comes to flowers, most couples have two choices: 1) engage the services of a florist, or 2) do it yourself. To help in your flower planning, here are suggestions for these two options:

Do-it-yourself flowers

• Pinterest is a great source for ideas and inspiration. Scan examples of floral arrangements that you like and save them to your board for future reference.

• Use silk or other types of man-made flowers. On a hot, steamy day, real flowers may wither by the reception. Faux flowers can be expensive too, and their colors and make up rivals that of the real deal.

• You have lots to plan and think about for your wedding. Gather a team to help make your flowers, with ample planning, direction and materials. As an example, we know of one bride who made all of her flower arrangements out of manufactured flowers when her family gathered at Thanksgiving, months in advance of her wedding.

Do you hire a florist?

Whether you hire a florist often depends on your budget, what you can do yourself, and how much emphasis you place on flowers. Florists do a wonderful job and you get what you pay for. With a florist, you will not only pay for the tangible flower arrangements, but there could be a floral design fee.

If you hire a florist, spend enough advance time to search for floral designs you like. Again, go to Pinterest for inspiration. Take in digital images that you’ve saved so you can share them with your florist.

Mix and match

When it comes to wedding flowers, they do not have to be all florist-generated. And, they don’t all have to be faux flowers. You can mix and match as you desire. For example, maybe your bouquet and that of your bridesmaids could be produced by a florist while table settings or other room decorations could be handmade.

The bottom line is this: thinking about flowers should be fun, engaging and enjoyable — with your own personal dash of elegance and style.

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