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Figuring out where to seat your guests can sometimes feel like a game of Tetris – you can’t put uncle Jerry next to cousin Paul, you need your young nieces at the back of the room, your mom insists her friends all sit together – the obstacles go on and on. And, there are so many options. Seating chart vs. place cards or alphabetical order vs. table number, to name a few.

While creating your reception seating plan can seem like a daunting task, we hope the following explanations of seating options will ease your mind, and help you check one more thing off your wedding to-do list.


Seating Chart Sign Seating chart sign bpb310_52

Usually displayed alphabetically or by table number in a pretty frame near the entrance of the reception, seating charts list your guests’ names with their designated tables. This option is very cost effective – you simply display the large sign, and place table numbers at each table.

A seating chart sign can also serve as a nice visual and decorative piece at your reception. If you place it in an ornate frame, or add flowers nearby, it can look quite elegant. Another bonus to a seating chart? All your guests can see where everyone is sitting. If a friend wants to stop by another friends table in-between courses, they can more easily find each other. **


Table Place CardsRustic place card bpb190_6

Place cards are typically the more “formal” route. When you take the place card approach, you are responsible for seating each person at a specific table. With a more formal seating plan, there will most likely be a bridal table, family tables and mix-matched friends’ tables.

These tented place cards are commonly displayed near the entrance of the reception in alphabetical order, and they usually include each guest’s name and table number. If you’re serving meal options, place cards are a great way to let the caterers know which person ordered which entree. Many brides either change the font color on the place card to distinguish each meal type, or add a sticker (i.e. a cow, a chicken, etc.) in the bottom corner of the place card.


Seating Chart CardsSeating cards bpb221_5

Seating chart cards allow you the opportunity to display your seating assignment in a creative way to go along with the style wedding you’ve chosen. For a rustic wedding, attach your seating cards to an old wood door propped up against a wall; for a boho wedding, hang your seating cards from a floral vine.

Depending on the size wedding you’re having, you could end up with quite a few seating cards to display – the number of tables you have will be the number of seating cards you need (i.e. 12 tables, 12 seating cards).


Table NumbersTable numbers bpb86

Often placed in cardholders or picture frames, table numbers go in the middle of a table. For table numbers, you want them to be seen. It is best to either display them higher above your centerpieces, or out in front of your centerpieces, so your guests can easily find their seating spot.





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