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With the Internet establishing a presence in nearly every aspect of life, it’s a wonder it took so long for web developers to offer web sites for weddings. However, do you really need one? And, if you do, what do you need to know about the various online services for building such a site?

  • Google “wedding web sites” and you’ll get more than 172 million potential links. A typical wedding web site service will provide graphic templates from which to choose, online RSVPs, directions, hotel information, registry details, password protection, and a custom URL (web site address) for your special event.
  • The first bit of advice is that anything worthwhile usually doesn’t come for free. The maxim is true: you get what you pay for. The wedding industry is known as a costly one and an online service that advertises a “free wedding web site” often has charges hidden in the fine print, or required when you want to upgrade and enhance the site.
  • Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to pay a monthly membership fee, or an annual subscription fee after a free trial period.

Some online services that offer wedding web sites want you for the long haul. And that’s when a monthly or annual subscription frequently comes in. These sites start by providing the wedding related services described above. But then they take their services many steps farther by offering what you might call a life story blog. You’re able to upload photos and videos, and provide narrative content about the milestone events in your life. Remember, however, that you can access many of these services for free via Facebook.

Can wedding web sites completely replace your printed save the dates, invitations and thank you notes? No, and they probably never will. Nothing compares to the tactile, warm and inviting feel of an elegant invitation. Furthermore, not everyone is comfortable navigating the Internet and in responding through a web site or via email. If you solely rely on a web site for reaching everyone, some people will never get the message.

There is no single best answer for every couple. Our best advice is this: if you think you’re interested, check out some of the leading wedding web site providers, read about what they offer and how it might fit into your plans and serve the needs and interests of your guests.

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