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With so many details to consider for your upcoming wedding, do you really need to send out rehearsal dinner invitations? Yes, you do and here’s why.

  • The people at your wedding rehearsal are the most important people in your life. Inviting them by simple word-of-mouth runs the risk of forgetting someone in the rush of details. A rehearsal dinner invitation is a nice, fitting, and elegant touch.
  • A rehearsal dinner invite provides all the essential details about the dinner in one convenient place. When you rely on just verbal communication for such details, it’s just too easy to forget something.
  • Rehearsal dinner invites can match the style and presentation of your other wedding collateral and of the big event itself.
  • Who should get a rehearsal dinner invitation? Everyone who is in the wedding including their immediate family and the officiant and his or her family.

We suggest you send your rehearsal dinner invitations after your wedding invitations are sent, but in enough time for your guests to make travel arrangements and reserve their rooms. Often, sending these invites 6-8 weeks before the wedding works well.

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