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Did you know almost all the questions we receive can be answered by checking out our YouTube channel? Below is a breakdown of our YouTube videos and what you can learn by watching each video! Click the word “video” in front of each title to watch the individual tutorials.

Video: Cropping my PDF File

Most of our files come set up with multiple files per 8.5″x11″ sheet (they are meant to be cut down to the specified sizes using the crop marks). However, we have had customers want the templates set up one/page, so we created an online user-friendly crop tool to help!

Video: Editing My PDF Seating Chart

The great thing about these seating templates is that you can customize it to work for you. We recommend choosing the size that works best for the number of tables you need/guests you have. You can then adjust the font size and/or line height of the columns to fit!

Video: Printing Envelopes From Home Using Acrobat Reader

Some print settings can be a bit funky — for example, a Brother printer vs. a Canon printer. Please give this a shot. (We recommend testing on the same envelope, so you don’t waste a bunch — just a tip!)

1. Keep all settings the same but uncheck “Choose Paper Source by PDF page Size”

2. Click on “Page Setup”

3. Under “Paper Size”, select “Manage Custom Sizes”

4. In width enter 7.25 and in height, enter 5.25

5. Click Ok and print.

Video: Using Crop Marks To Cut Out My PDF Printable

The black lines in the corners are called crop marks which are used to help cut out your printable. We included these along with some other info to help! The crop marks and info is not meant to be removed prior to printing. What we recommend is using an x-acto knife and a ruler to cut your printable to size. It will not show once cut to-size.

Video: How to Edit My PDF Printable

Bliss Paper Boutique’s listings are for an instant download editable template. Following checkout and after your payment has cleared, you can download and edit your printable using Acrobat Reader (Your file does not come pre-populated with your information). It is IMPORTANT that you do this in Acrobat Reader and on a computer. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader, there is a FREE download listed in the listing. I’ve also provided the link here:

Video: How To Instantly Download Your Digital File on Etsy

Right after checkout, you are able to download your files. If you missed that step, you can easily re-download the file. Go to the top right corner of your Etsy page and click on “you” — a dropdown menu will appear. Select “Purchases & Reviews.” Find your purchase, and click the blue button that reads “Download Files.” (Please note that this must be done on a computer, not a mobile phone or tablet).